July 04, 2015


Last week I was itching to do a photo shoot (because you can only take pictures of your siblings for so long), so I decided to text my friend. Our conversation went something like this:

AmyHey Alex!  This is really random, but do you want to do a photo shoot for fun?

AlexYeah, that is random– but sure!

Amy*sigh of relief* Yay!

Alex is really cool.

Obviously, she's extremely photogenic (& she looks good in real life, too).

She's a dancer.  This is actually a beginner's pose, but she isn't a beginner (disclaimer: I know close to zero things about dancing).

She isn't afraid to stand in weeds flowers for the sake of a picture.

Thanks for wandering around town with me, Alex!


  1. Awesome pictures!! She's beautiful and you're a great photographer! :)


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