November 27, 2014


  1. The Bible says to give thanks always because it is what God wants for us.  
  2. We are called to be thankful even when it seems everything is going right, when the sunlight disappears too early, and when there's too much to do.
  3. Ask for eyes to see all the graces He's given to you so abundantly.  
  4. You will be amazed- in awe, really- because you didn't do anything to deserve it or Him.
  5. Remember to give thanks. Give. That's a verb.
  6. The opposite of thankfulness is selfishness.
  7. A synonym of thankfulness is contentment.
  8. Thankfulness is a choice. Practice it.
  9. Gratitude cultivates joy.
  10. Jesus makes our joy complete.
Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you, reader. :)

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