September 21, 2014

Childhood is Like a Banana Split

Childhood is like a banana split.  "How," you might wonder, "is part of my life comparable to ice cream and toppings?" Let me tell you...

Childhood is like a banana split,
sweet and sticky.  
Family is the banana that keeps everything inside.  
They protect the middle and hold it together.  
The ice creams and sauces are you and your friends.  
You’re all different colors and have separate lives but
sometimes they’re mixed together and combined.
Long days spent playing, laughing, and talking
are the whipped cream that covers it all.  
It’s creamy and flows from winter till fall.  
The nuts sprinkled on top are bumps and bruises;
they’re bad days and sad days.  
There’s not too many, but just enough to
give childhood an extra crunch.  
When you start eating, it seems like too much and you wonder
“Can I finish it all?”
But before you realize what going on,
it’s melting and blending into a sugary pond.
Childhood is slipping away.  
Soon all that’s left is the syrupy cherry
just waiting for you to leave only the stem.
It’s gone.
You’re full.
You won’t get one again,
but the sweet memories will last to
the end.
This poem was written for my College Literature class. I must confess that I've never had a banana split, but I did have a pretty awesome childhood. That's close enough better, right? Yep.

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