July 17, 2014

Pine Ridge 2014: Part II

Last week I shared Pine Ridge: Part I.  Once again,  I've tried to communicate some of the huge things of God using words (even though He renders me speechless)... so that you & I might know Him more.

In Acts, the disciples were told to stop preaching the Gospel... but they prayed for more boldness!  They recognized that God is sovereign & will complete His plan, but they also knew that they were called to action.  It encourages me to pray more boldly when I see how God answers their prayer at the end of the passage.  Knowing that people are dying & will spend eternity in hell should make us bold.  May we boldly, fearlessly carry the Truth of Jesus wherever we go & be consumed by Him! // 
"Faith is spelled R-I-S-K." 

Elmer visited us one day.  He didn't know English very well, but he knows of Jesus.  Pray that he'd know Him as Savior if he doesn't already!

Jesentia (Notice the Rainbow Loom ring she's wearing;) & the other kids got Bible story books or New Testaments.  Some asked us to read the Bible stories to them... 

Throughout the week, we committed to pray & God answered!  We were shown the spiritual battle that's raging for souls.  When we weren't praying, things started to fall apart.  When we prayed honestly & boldly, the Spirit worked more powerfully.  If only we understood more of God's power... When we see that, our prayers change.  The faith of a mustard seed can move mountains & every prayer is heard.  Prayer breaks down strongholds!

Tina has the most contagious laugh & smile!  

Precious Aly!

Faith without works is dead.  Actions do not save us, but they are a result of true salvation.  We are called, as followers of Jesus, to step out of the boat & die to ourselves.  Be curious about God & He will show you Himself!  Don't believe Satan's lies that make you curious about the world.  God is faithful & when we step out in faith, we will not drown.  Just like He provided a sacrificial lamb for Abraham, so He will provide for us when we seek Him in faith. // "Faith without works is like love without expression."

Joseph being carried home. :)

Another beautiful view in Hot Springs on our second to last day in South Dakota.

Some of us visited a huge (as in 50,000 acres) ranch.  

It goes on as far as your eye can see!  Dinosaur skeletons & fossilized squid were found in the area. How cool is God?!!

Our last morning was spent worshiping, singing, and playing. // Wherever God has us- small town Minnesota, New York City, Pine Ridge, or overseas- is a mission field.  

This is Big Bat's in Pine Ridge.  "Waves of change" is on the side of the building & that could not be more true!  Waves of the Holy Spirit are changing hearts & souls!!

Sometimes you sow.  Sometimes you plant, or maybe you are called water in a specific situation.  Other times you harvest & reap.  All are necessary in God's plan of salvation.  We penetrate the darkness by Jesus when we pray, fast, and praise.  Those piercing holes in the darkness get bigger & closer... until all darkness is interrupted & it erupts into glorious Light! 

We were blessed to stay at Dale & Rhonda's again.  The cross & Restoration Church are on their property.

I saw God move on the Reservation with this special, fun group of people!  Over that week, God spoke promises & revealed many things in the Word to us.  I pray that we'd be sensitive to the Holy Spirit & be obedient to step out in faith, that all of us would hunger for God, and that He'd give us more of His heart!  I hope that you were able to catch a glimpse of our truly awesome God & what He did/is doing/will do! All praise & glory goes to Jesus, because He is worthy!

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