July 10, 2014

Pine Ridge 2014: Part I

Sometimes it hard to describe an infinite God & the eternal things He's doing with mere words.  Actually, most of the time it's nearly impossible.  But... I'm going to try (using pictures & words :) because He's awesome, amazing, and just cannot be contained.

God's beauty is everywhere on the Reservation... This was our view every. single. day.  What a reminder of His glory!!  Read more...

Restoration Church has grown since we were here last year.  This beautiful church is made up of Brothers & Sisters who have seen God triumph over evil and darkness, setting them free into Light. One of the women, Norma, prayed in fluent Lakota... It was so beautiful!

This cross sits on top of a hill, proclaiming Jesus to all who see it!  // Almost every night we saw lightning storms.  One night, when we were worshiping & praying over each other, intense lighting (but no thunder or rain) was on full display.  We felt the Holy Spirit so powerfully that night.
Fire goes before Him and burns up His adversaries all around.  His lightnings light up the world; the earth sees and trembles.  The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth.  The heavens proclaim His righteousness and all the peoples see His glory. Psalm 97:3-6 (emphases added)

The Reservation is greener than it's been in several years.  God is pouring out His Spirit & working mightily. // One night, we went to White Clay, Nebraska.  You can read the statistics & look at the facts, and it is a broken place.  But in the midst of that brokenness, Jesus is being praised & shared at Lakota Hope.  

One night was spent worshiping with another group at Restoration Church.  They worshiped with wild abandonment!  Every prayer that's uttered & every word of praise is a weapon. 

Some Lakota believers & others have been gathering to cry out for this land; they stand in the gap for their lost people.  We had the opportunity to join them for their sixth prayer meeting.  

Our "VBS" was in Evergreen this year... I say "VBS" because God somehow always changes our plans.  But somehow His plans are always better, so it works out wonderfully!  We had loosely planned for music & skits, but the boys wanted to play kickball.  The girls loved making friendship & "Rainbow Loom" bracelets.  This was better than what we had planned... We got to talk with the kids, get to know over them, and pray blessings over them.

This is Lupe, one of God's princesses. :) Her grandma, Virginia, is a believer!  A few of us got to pray over Virginia.  Pray that Virginia's hunger for God is increased, their home is a place of Light, and that Lupe would see Jesus in His love & glory!!

Like the persistent widow, we are to entreat God.  In the Hebrew definition, asking/seeking/knocking is not a one-time deal.  It means that we are to continually ask!  Don't just "settle in" for the journey... Press in & go deeper; seek God with prayer, petition, and persistence.  Don't be discouraged; instead, be encouraged to run towards Him!
Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.  You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:12-13

Say hi to Joseph... I know- what a cutie!! // We are in a daily, spiritual battle to put on Christ, become holy, and stay close to the Source.  As humans, we don't do this on our own strength.  It's God, His Spirit, who strengthens us to stand against the enemy.  Jesus is victorious!

Savannah (on the bike) came every day.  She wasn't very open to Jesus at first, but we kept persisting in prayer for her.  The Spirit was moving and slowly breaking through... but then on the last day, she was violent and seemed totally different.  Katie (one of the moms/wives whose families are ministering these people) prayed with and over Savannah.  Katie said, "That was so powerful.  At this very moment, I could literally feel the Presence of God and His power just flowing.  She looked up and said she felt 'tingles'.  She gave her life to Jesus and just everything about her changed."  Seriously, how awesome is God!  Praise Him for Savannah, and join in by praying for her to grow in Christ.

Wakiay & the other kids got soccer balls.  Their smiles make me smile! // "To love is to give & to give is to love."

Jesentia (pronounced "Yesentia") is a sweetheart (& also Joseph's sister).  At first she was shy, but she opened up eventually.  On the last day, we walked the kids home.  Jesentia's parents actually were coming down to get Jesentia & her siblings!  They were open to prayer & we blessed them in Jesus' name.  

You've got to have at least one water balloon fight, right?! :)

Lauryn came every day & I believe that God is calling her name; He calls us all by name!

I hope this has encouraged you to seek God & know Him more!  This is just a small part of God's work across the globe, and I am humbled to be a part of it.  Part II will be coming soon! :)


  1. Amy, you write beautifully and for the Glory of God! Thank you!


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