May 13, 2014

When Life is Crazy

We've all been there, in one way or another.  You're too busy to know why you're busy; the list of things you could (or should) be doing is too long; the motivation you have is too low.  Everything is going a million directions, and it seems easier to not even try to get anything done.

Yeah, I've been there.  You, too?

This is a dangerous, vulnerable place to be in.  The enemy sneaks in, telling you that you'll never get anything done.  Spend time with God later because you're too busy now.  Lies. Don't get me wrong, I can't do it on my own.  No way- I've tried and failed!  Thank God for His grace that meets us where we are, in the midst of life at its messiest.

When it seems like you're a failure, where do you turn?  Who do you look to when you don't measure up?  Where do you find peace?  There are dozens of possible answers, but only One is true.  While we are floundering in life, trying to make sense of it all, there is a hand reaching out.  Like Peter on the waves, Someone is calling us by name!

So, when you're busy… Homework is piling up (16 days of school left, not that I'm counting;)… There's a lot to do and a shortage of time… Press on!  Run the race before you with endurance and joy from Christ, knowing He goes before you.  And when you need peace… Our Father is peace, not confusion.

We have so many reasons to sing!

Live boldly and intentionally, with joy and praise!

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