April 03, 2014

Find-A-Rainbow Day!

Happy Find-A-Rainbow Day!! This is a real thing…  But, I don't think there will be any rainbows to find here, because it's currently snowing.  Yeah, snowing!  This crazy weather has got almost everyone seriously considering packing up & driving south.  Where is spring?  Spring is coming.  No matter how much white is on the ground or what the thermometer reads, there is hope in Jesus.  Promises that are "YES!" in Christ. Rainbows.

Guess what song just happens to play on Pandora God gives to me as I'm typing this? This song.  "It's always like springtime with You, making everything new… You make me come alive!"

Here's to finding the rainbows, even when we have to look a little harder.  They are there!

Niagara Falls - 2012
Arizona - March 2014

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