June 25, 2013

Pine Ridge Reservation 2013

Well... The trip was amazing!  Thank you for your prayers.  I can't even put the trip into words.  So many things happened!  God really worked through us and changed the whole team.  Three of us (myself included) were miraculously healed by God through prayer! Bethany's leg was healed, Sarah's shoulder was restored, and my voice came back!!  I think we all prayed more than we ever had before in that week.  It was absolutely amazing and compelling.  At least four kids gave their lives to Jesus- praise God!  I am forever changed by this trip!  This is only part of what happened... It's hard for me to fit all of God's glory and power into a blog post. Here are some pictures from Pine Ridge:

Sweet girl!

The Corn Palace


Our glorious view...

Katie & Mashayla, Amaya & I

God displaying His power!

Jesus is victorious over fear.

What an amazing week... Quite possibly the best of my life!  I know that our whole team is changed forever by the Holy Spirit working in us!  Before I go... One quick piece of exciting news!  I am going to be baptized!  Recently, God has said to me, "Amy, why have you waited so long to declare yourself to Me??  What's taking so long?!"  In the Bible, people were baptized as soon as they believed.  I have believed... But haven't been baptized.  I am doing this as a step of obedience towards my Lord & Savior!  There's so much more to this, too.  Maybe I'll do a separate post on that as well :)  I'm not sure when I will be baptized, but God is telling me it needs to be ASAP!

Our team- all girls!

Please continue to pray for the Lakota people and our team.  Don't underestimate the power of prayer!

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